Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Won't be there tonight!

Hospital, news, timing.......none are conducive. Will try to muster a visit next week to officially order BUROS inventories and fetch dissertation articles to pillage for references.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Talked to The Legend

Emailed my very early and likely immature dissertation plans to the Legend----Dr. Cox. He liked the subject, encouraged the angle, and gave me a few insights on contamination concerns.

The current design will take at least 30 small elementaries in Missouri (each school must have one principal with one secretary). The Principal will be tested on an established empathy scale. The Secretary the same. Then half the staff will take an established organizational climate scale mixed with a interpersonal trust scale----one half will have a couple items gauging perceptions of principal, the other half of the staff will gauge the secretary (this is the suggested contamination control). A scale with items for both secr. and principal forces comparative thinking thus skewed by definition--forcing folks into relativist answers.

The Ultimate Question? Does a high Empathy Score for the Principal/Secretary team significantly translate into high morale, high level of trust, or positive organizational climate?

Wednesday will be here before I know it----Feel free to come on out.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Dissertation Session

My first self-induced college class....and I was late. However, it proved productive. Attended from five to nine.

5:20 Threw out dissertation ideas concerning multiple valedictorians. Tossed out studying alternatively certified teachers with theatrical backgrounds, began brainstorm on new topic, the impact of rural elementary secretaries.

YOU TELL ME....How 12 dollars an hour replaces the Principal so well when he or she is out! Secretaries run a place full of college degrees, know more about the day-to-day operations than anyone else, have more personal and professional time with more staff members than any other employee, know more about the machinery, community, and unspoken rules than almost anyone in the district---yet go relatively unstudied in regards to his or her impact on leadership, climate, and culture. IN REGARD to small school secretaries everywhere......

I brainstormed for an angle----5:30 to 6:10pm
1. I drew up a ton of comparison's for gauging aspects of a secretary that may contribute or take away from the school setting, a principal's effectiveness, or....yada yada.

6:30 to 8:20 Library

2. I then went to BUROS to look for tried and true measurements that seemed flow from my brainstorming notes. Found the following measurements: Survey of Org. Climate, Interpersonal Trust Surveys, Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale, Job Stress Survey, Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence, Adaptive Style Inventory, Adult Self-Expression Scale, Job Attitude Scale).

8:20 to 9:00pm

3. I liked the empathy scale. I am aiming at answering the following question at this time: Whose empathy matters most (if at all), the secretary's or the principal's?

Ergo, this possible model came out of my research:
A. Score Secretary on Empathy Scale
B. Score Principal on Empathy Scale
C. Then score staff on Organizational Climate Scale and look for Correlations!!!

Anyone out there! Please let me know where I am lost. Poke holes in my logic and laugh....PLEASE. Any laugh will do--just not the mwhah-hahaha with dark inflections.

Next Week:
For a review of lit.....Will look for Dissertations that:
1. Address Important Attributes of Healthy Organizational Climates
2. Address the importance of secretaries.
3. Address the aspects of empathy.